Will vehicle graphics really help my business?

Aug 11, 2020

Chances are you have seen vehicle graphics out and about on your everyday activities. You may not realise it initially, but you will pay more attention to a well designed car/van with advertising on it than a regular vehicle. In this article we hope to give a more in depth reasoning of why vehicle graphics are so effective and even more so, how this form of marketing specifically can benefit your business.

Where do I start?

Vehicle graphics refers to having coloured or printed vinyl applied your car/van to advertise your business or brand. It is a piece of mobile advertising while you’re on the go completing your everyday tasks at work.

If you’re a plumber, electrician, joiner or one of hundreds of other professionals that are constantly on the move performing work, then vehicle graphics can help you greatly. There is always someone in need of your service, so having the opportunity to showcase your branding as well as providing your contact details to a potential client at the same time is certainly money well spent.

Vehicle graphics are an extremely effective, easy and effortless way to consistently advertise your business while you work.

To start your journey into vehicle graphics, check out our design and print page to read more about how bespoke design can help you. If you’re interested, feel free to contact us and we can answer any questions you have.

Benefits of bespoke branding on your vehicle

Don’t get it mistaken, there are cases of bad vehicle graphics such as poor quality materials that peel or fade, or even poor choice of colours so that the information on the vehicle isn’t legible.

This is why at BurstingBox, we believe bespoke designs are essential when promoting your business. An eye-catching, carefully designed vehicle is much more likely to win over a client, so we strive to put a lot of thought into our designs and picture it from the client's perspective.

What is the process of getting my van design sorted and wrapped?

First, we will ask you about your vehicle and your business to find out the important aspects and any ideas you had for the design.

Over the next few days we will begin to create your design in the way that best reflects your company and appeals to your desired audience. When this design is completed, we will show you a concept of how your vehicle will look so that you can make any amends to make the design perfect.

Once you approve the design and the suggested vinyl colours, we will organise to have your vehicle booked in and the graphics applied.

For more details on vehicle graphics, branding or anything else mentioned in this article, feel free to contact us and we can discuss your project.

Posted in Marketing on Aug 11, 2020

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