We create bespoke e-commerce websites to sell your products easily

Design is very important when building an online store, your customers need to find what they want easily and have a great experience.

We have the experience to design and build the perfect e-commerce website for your business.

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We’ve designed lots of online stores and manage most of them

When we design an online store, we provide hands-on training so that you fully understand how to manage your new website. We provide a bespoke user guide just incase you would like new members of staff knowing how to manage your website.

If you need support at any point, we’re happy to help.

The BurstingBox Team

What to expect when choosing BurstingBox to design your online store

1. Discovery session

We start with an in-depth discussion in person or via phone/video call allows our team to fully understand your online store requirements.

2. Research

We research your industry to get a good idea what works and what doesn’t to make sure your website stands out.

3. Bespoke design

From our discovery session and research, we digitally design you a bespoke e-commerce website concept.

4. Your design feedback

We present the website concept to you and allow time for you to provide feedback and for us to amend the design.

5. Bespoke build

We code all of the pages and populate your products for you and make sure we create a great shopping experience for your visitors.

6. Your build feedback

After we've tested everything, you get to test the website and checkout before the general public, making sure that you are completely happy with it.

7. Go live

We launch your new online store and submit it to all major search engines to get it out there.

8. Support

We keep an eye on the website for you and if any tweaks are required, we get them sorted for you.

Bespoke ecommerce Website Design Examples Bespoke ecommerce Website Design Examples

How much does a bespoke e-commerce website cost?

Each online store that we develop is different, so it’s difficult to provide a set cost. The best way to get an idea of pricing is to get in touch with us and we’ll provide a free quotation as soon as possible.

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Can you transfer products from an existing store?

Certainly! If you let us know what your website address is and roughly how many products you need migrating, we can factor this in within your quotation.

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