Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation or more commonly known as SEO is the task of carrying out a multitude of different improvements on and off your website to make search engines like Google favour your website over your competition.

Here at BurstingBox, we have lots of different approaches to help your website climb the ranks and get to the top of the search engine results.

Google Search Engine
SEO Results

SEO is an accumulation of different tasks with the main one being ongoing hard work

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Addressing technical problems with your website's coding

Our team are experienced in a wide selection of coding languages, platforms and frameworks which allows us to diagnose and optimise your website's coding to improve its favourability.



Maximising the speed of your website for better user experience

There's nothing more frustrating than a slow loading website, we make sure your website is compressed and minified to make sure it loads as quick as possible.

Content Writing

Writing beneficial content to increase traffic

Our professional copywriters can add beneficial content to your website in the form of service overviews, product specifications and informative blog articles.

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