Does my business need a professional logo?

Feb 16, 2015

Logos are taken for granted everyday by everyone, but they certainly play a massive part in business, especially for brand awareness.

Why are logos important?

One word, 'branding', never under estimate the power of branding! As a great example, think of an everyday cup of coffee in a plain white cardboard cup sold by a street vendor.

Now next to this street vendor is another vendor, their cup of coffee is the same size, same contents and even the same coloured cup, but their cup embraces the famous mermaid of Starbucks.

Which one do you think (on average) will be favoured upon? You've guessed it, good old Starbucks. The well designed and iconic logo design expresses quality that customers all over the world can relate to.

So with this in mind, if you are wanting to set up or simply promote your business, we insist on having a well designed logo so that you can promote your brand professionally and efficiently.

Do you need a quality logo design?

Our creative team have designed lots of logos for businesses based in Barnsley, Sheffield, Rotherham and many more location in Yorkshire. If you want more information on our logo design service, make sure you check out our dedicated logo design page.

Posted in Branding on Feb 16, 2015

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