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It's time to get blogging

One of the most important elements to having a well performing website is on topic content, which means, information directly related to your business. So this could be information about your specific services, skill sets, knowledge, industry news etc, and this type of content is Google gold when owning a website.

If your website is lacking content, having your own business blog is a great way to increase beneficial information on your site, as well as increasing your overall search engine presence. A business blog is a place where you can showcase rich content to help your potential visitors answer the all important questions that they are searching for.


How do you get a blog?

If you're having a blog on your website we'll need to set up the initial structure, this involves adding a new section to your site which will contain your articles. After this is set up we will add links to your blog section via your navigation and site maps.

If you're not comfortable creating your own articles our professional copywriter can create them for you. From a topic provided by yourself they will research and craft a beneficial article for your website. By using our professional copywriter you will receive a content rich article which will benefit your overall search engine presence.

For more information give us a call on 01226 720 769 or use our contact form.