Why every business needs a website

Oct 22, 2018

Not so long ago, it might have been rare for a small or local business to have a website, but over the past ten years the amount of people accessing the internet has changed so much that it would be considered strange if a business wasn’t online.

Of course, many businesses have Facebook and Twitter accounts, and run successful campaigns on them, but what are the advantages of a website?

You’re opening yourself up to the search market

Google itself receives over 40,000 search queries every single second, which equates to over three billion searches per day.

By having a business website, you’re allowing yourself to be found by people searching for your products or services every day and every hour of the week.

With the right kind of website, even local businesses can enjoy leads and conversions through their website.

What’s more, with a website you can start investigating online advertising with important tools like Google Ads or advertising on social platforms; giving you the power to reach customers outside of your traditional reach.

You’re communicating with a brand-new audience

Having information on your website for anyone to see is one of the easiest ways of communicating with potential customers.

Not only will you be sharing an email address and telephone number, but you’ll be able to share opening hours, products, services, special offers, and media such as promotional videos.

What’s more you’ll also allow previous customers or clients the opportunity to leave positive reviews as they share they experiences of your business.

You’re giving your website credibility

When researching a company, now more than ever people will take the time out to head onto the internet and find out all they can about a business that they are hoping to buy from or to work with.

Potential customers that are unable to find a website, or any contact information, can easily distrust a company that does not share vital information.

What’s worse, depending on the kind of service or products that you provide, they could easily discover your competitors first, which loses you that vital edge.

But by providing your customers with easy to understand and accessible information, such as an FAQ section, you can even look to reduce service costs as well as saving your business both time and money, which brings us to our next section.

You’re cutting costs

Although it does of course cost money to build and maintain a website, doing so can also help you cut costs as you undergo what’s known as a digital transformation.

In some cases, having a website can completely forgo the need for having a physical “brick and mortar” store, which can greatly alleviate overheads such as rent and utilities.

Having a website and official email addresses also means that staff can communicate with one another easier and quicker than ever before.

If you’re interested in having a website for your business, or want to know more about how BurstingBox can help you advertise online, check out our contact page and drop us a message.

Posted in Marketing on Oct 22, 2018

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