What is website maintenance?

Sep 21, 2020

Website maintenance is a popular service that clients take advantage of when they’ve had a bespoke website developed by our team, as the name states, its purpose is to maintain a website to make sure it’s always looking its best.

With many benefits, the best quality of our website maintenance is that you get to utilise our knowledgeable team to update your website on a monthly basis, professional carrying out your updates to make sure that every change looks great and is done in the most beneficial way.

What kind of amendments are classed as maintenance?

Updating website content

Your business evolves over time, you may want to freshen up your website’s content when this happens. In this instance, you may have the content that you want to add to the website, but not sure of the best place to put it, that’s where our team would come in.

Updating imagery

A website is a very visual place, lots of different imagery make up backgrounds and compliment content, but over time it’s always a good idea to freshen any old imagery up to make sure your business looks current. Updating images on a website seems like an easy concept, but there are lots of factors to consider such as file types, file size, composition and more, that’s why our website maintenance covers this common request.

Branded artwork

Lots of websites contain branded artwork to make the website more uniform with their branding, from promotional slideshow images to blog article thumbnails, we can create these as part of website maintenance to make your website look great.

How long do you spend on maintaining a website?

We offer a negotiable amount of time spent on updating your website each month, depending on how much maintenance you think you’ll need. We can discuss the types of updates that you anticipate to make and provide you with an estimate for your consideration. Most clients just need a small amount of maintenance, which also gives them the added benefit of having our creative team on standby when they need us.

What about hosting and domain management?

Domains and hosting can be confusing and stressful if you aren’t too sure what you’re doing, so to avoid any issues, we offer both as part of our website maintenance. Rest assured that we keep on top of your domain name renewals when they come up and we host our websites on dedicated servers to provide the most reliable and optimal hosting around.

Can you maintain my current website?

Of course, we maintain a wide range of websites from the ones we have developed, to ones that have been developed by other agencies. To discuss maintenance further, get in touch with us via our contact page or call us on: 01226 720 769.

Posted in Website Design on Sep 21, 2020

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