What is branding?

Mar 13, 2017

Branding is all around us, from our favourite take out coffee cup, to the local shopping centre; recognisable colours, font styles and logos promote trust which persuades consumers make certain decisions.

Branding is not only your identity, it can sometimes play the part of your first impression to your potential clients. Making sure that the right colour and font style are used could be the deciding factor of a potential client making the decision to choose your company.

Why are fonts important?

Within branding, font styles are a reflection of your business’s message, using the appropriate style can make or break a customers opinion. For example, a handwritten font may be suitable for friendly, local business, say a pet groomers, but wouldn’t be so good for a government department, such as HRMC.

All fonts have their own reflection, and choosing the right one is best left to a professional that understands the effect that different fonts styles have on the general public’s opinion.

What impact do colours have?

Colours have the same importance as font styles, certain colours give certain responses. Say for example black and yellow, these two colours are often associated with hazards / warnings, so would be suitable for say a construction based company, but not so much for a child care business.

Some colours have a general stereotyping such as green for go, or red for danger, so it’s worth thinking about this before having your branding created.

Keeping your branding uniform

No matter what type of advertising you have, say business cards, signage, a website etc, you must make sure that your branding is the same on all of the applications to promote a professional image.

Imagine receiving a business card from a company which looks top notch, before you make the decision to do business, you give their website a look for additional reassurance. To your surprise, you are presented with an outdated logo and horrific colour scheme, this on average will make you doubt the company, or make you think you have landed on the wrong website, this is something that should not happen for your potential client.

Have your own identity

Finally, having unique branding is paramount, you need to make sure that all the hard work that you put into marketing your brand, you benefit from it, and not someone else.

A lot of businesses want similar branding to their competition, which you may think is a good idea, but if you’re looking to stand out in comparison with your competition, then having your own identity is a must.

Posted in Branding on Mar 13, 2017

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